Day after day Verbano Film uses every means to reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

To improve our environmental sustainability and compensate for our important energy needs, we have decided to build a latest generation photovoltaic system on the roof of our factory, in order to produce clean energy with ZERO CO2 emissions.

The plant covers an area of over 1.200 m2 (more than 550 modules installed for over 80.000 cells) and allows an annual production of clean energy of approximately 350.000 kWh.

This production of energy from renewable sources avoids the emission of approximately 185.000 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, almost equal to that emitted by 100 medium-sized cars traveling 15.000 km/year.

An important part of our production is reserved for the creation of films that can be used in 100% recyclable mono-material structures.

The final applications for which this new family of films is aimed are the same ones currently in use, i.e. for the production of “stand up pouch” and “lidding film” on PP trays, available in sealing, peelable, antifog and antistatic versions. The classic PET/CPP or PA/CPP coupling can be replaced by the single material structure BOPP/CPP or OPP/CPP.

We have a 500 kWh trigeneration plant capable of covering 30% of our average needs.

Thanks to a lithium bromide absorption unit having P=460 kWf, we can produce refrigerated water, used for cooling the production plants with consequent savings of around 100,000 kg/year of CO2 emitted.

We also encourage green mobility, making two columns available to our team for recharging electric vehicles.

This service is also available to all visitors, customers and suppliers, so that anyone can benefit from it.

For years we have been participating in the “PRS Green Label” circular network, i.e. a pallet recycling circuit to avoid waste.

Thanks to this collaboration we help to reduce the carbon footprint, reduce packaging waste and promote reuse, while reaping the benefits of wooden pallets from certified sustainable sources (PEFC or FSC).

Verbano Film is concretely committed to sustainable development, manufacturing products from “green” raw materials, i.e. of bio-circular origin.

We are certified in accordance with the ISCC PLUS international standard which sets traceability and chain of custody as fundamental points to guarantee the integrity of the sustainability statements issued to customers.

Use of sustainable raw materials

100% of our processing waste destined for recovery

Virtuous business model based on the circular economy


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