The Verbano Film manufactures its products by CAST extrusion process. During this process raw material, in our case polypropylene (in granules), it is processed & transformed in a flexible film having desired width & thickness.
Film is obtained thanks following extrusion process:

- CO-­extruded, done by means of more stratifications (in thickness) of the raw materials or blends.

Layers into co­extruded films, may vary between them, in relation to the total thickness of the extruded film, according to formulation and use of the same. Films are produced by 4 lines (4 co­extruders) highly automated, equipped with self­diagnosis system to keep production and quality parameters into defined tolerance range. Due to high production ratio, granules feeding is guaranteed and controlled by automated system connected to 24 silos (massive granules storage) with a total capacity of 2000 Ton.

Nominally, production out­put of the lines in Verbano Film, is set around 16.000 t/year.
Produced films, depending on product and application, may have:
- thickness range from 22 my (minimum) to 300 my (maximum). ­
- max web width 2800mm.
- max rolls diameter up to 1000mm.

Process lines, are mainly active to do film used into flexible packing for food and hygienic­medical application. They are installed into protected environmental (N° 2 Positive Pressure Chambers) against potential contaminants such as dust, insects. These factors, during film winding phase, are essential at quality level for the product itself.
Inside of positive pressure chambers, air is blown following filtering and conditioning treatment by N° 2 Air Treatment Units; these chambers permit us to keep stable & controlled climate, optimal condition to repeat production processes parameters.

For these products , very sensitive to environmental contaminants and process quality defects, where infuses, dots, micron holes, are not allowed (or permitted under strict tolerances), has been set internally a further quality control by optical scanning/identify before film winding.

Quality control file is stored for each roll; it is used as operator guide during following processes too or like certificate/historic data following delivered goods. CPP or polypropylene cast, following extrusion process needs a stabilization period (crystallization time); in Verbano film it is speeded­up & normalized by a Stabilization Room or so called Warm Room.

To complete Verbano Film proposal, there are further services such as slitting­rewinding (by 3 machines)(foto)(foto) & mono­folding (by 2 machines).
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