Company policy

VERBANO FILM is a company born in 1986 that operates in the flexible packaging field, manufacturing Cast polypropylene films for several applications, such as food and medical ones. Our company is active on both national and international markets, with a particular interest for the European one.

The achievement of a high level of quality and food safety in the production of products, evidenced by the certifications pursuant to the STANDARD UNI EN ISO 9001, the BRC Packaging CERTIFICATION and the application of good manufacturing standards (GMP), must be an objective for all company personnel who must contribute as far as their competence is concerned. 

The whole staff has to follow the company procedures in order to contribute to the successful accomplishment of the company policy and the improvement targets.

Our organisation is based on finding customers’ expectations, evaluating their satisfaction degree and analysing our competitors’ competitive skills. We fix our improvement goals about significant factors such as the product quality and the standard of services provided to our customers.

In our company, we are both customers and suppliers at the same time. Therefore we have to carry out this role with its consequent rights and duties. We all have to be aware of the importance of our individual activity inside the organisation and of the importance of our cooperation in order to achieve the goals that VERBANO FILM is setting during its evolution.

VERBANO FILM aims at development of new products with added value, so that the company can explore new markets with more restrictive requirements. It also committed to achieving safe, compliant products from the legal.

For VERBANO FILM the growth of its staff is a priority, and therefore we are continuously organising training and information activities of our employees at every level about quality, food safety and occupational health a safety.

VERBANO FILM aims at a progressive improvement of its production plants and its working environment, in order to guarantee a high hygiene standard, also in the observance of the rules about safety and protection of the environment
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